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Aligning With Spirit: The Holy Relationship in A Course in Miracles Practice

Course In Miracles

Discover Your Holy Relationship and Uncover Profound Inner Peace & Happiness With A Course in Miracles.

A Course in Miracles combined volume hardcover book.

*Photo credit: The Foundation for Inner Peace 

A Holy Relationship in A Course in Miracles

Have you ever felt like there’s something missing in your relationships? Like a deeper level of connection and understanding that you can’t seem to reach? What if I told you that the key to unlocking your best relationships actually lies within

By studying the teachings in A Course in Miracles, you discover that aligning with Spirit allows you to dissolve ego-based thinking. This opens you to a true spiritual partnership with the Divine. With this connection, you can transform your relationships, making them holy. 

The Sacred Practice of a Holy Relationship 

In A Course in Miracles, the practice of holy relationships is about aligning your life with God’s will. This means letting go of your ego-driven desires and opinions and surrendering to what Spirit wants for you. By practicing these teachings, you experience more peace, joy, and love when you align with Spirit. 

Your relationships improve, and you feel more connected to others and the world around you. You may also find that your health improves as chronic stress and anxiety are released. 

If you’ve ever struggled with:

  • Depression
  • Overwhelm
  • Confusion
  • Or feelings of hopelessness

Then connecting with the Divine and establishing the practice of a holy relationship can help you. A holy relationship allows you to embrace more love, compassion, and forgiveness toward others in your life. But how do you establish a relationship with the Divine? 

The teachings in A Course in Miracles can show you how. 

“Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.” 

– A Course in Miracles

What Is A Course in Miracles?  

Translated in 27 different languages, A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a spiritual self-study book based on channeled messages from the Divine. This book’s main sections are:

  • Text – which outlines the principles of the teachings and how to incorporate them into your life. 
  • Workbook for Students – 365 daily exercises that help you comprehend, examine, and explore your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.
  • Manual for Teachers – this section of the book is a guide for training others on how to use these teachings. As you begin studying the Course, a trusted guide who’s familiar with the material can help you succeed as you get started. 

The major focus of these teachings is on practicing forgiveness and healing relationships1. By practicing forgiveness you can experience God’s love in all of your relationships while unlocking incredible amounts of happiness and peace. 

Sometimes simply referred to as “the Course,” these teachings contain an overall philosophy that we’re capable of experiencing miracles if we practice forgiveness and shift our mindset from fear to love. 

The Origins of A Course in Miracles Book

The Course was transmitted by Helen Schucman, Ph.D., a clinical and research psychologist at Columbia University. It was also scribed with the help of her colleague, Dr. William Thetford, a professor of medical psychology at Columbia University. He’s also the director of the psychology department at New York Presbyterian Hospital2

In the summer of 1965, Dr. Schucman began experiencing a series of spiritual events that included:

  • Visions
  • Psychic episodes
  • Increased dream imagery
  • And a new, defined inner voice

Early on during these experiences, this inner voice identified itself as Jesus. Later, this now-familiar voice of Jesus told Helen, “This is a course in miracles, please take notes.” 

Dr. Schucman reached out to her colleague Dr. William Thetford for support. He assured her she wasn’t losing her mind and encouraged her to write down these messages being channeled to her. Later, they were published as A Course in Miracles by The Foundation For Inner Peace. 

Regardless of your religious beliefs or preferences, the teachings in A Course in Miracles are believed to be Christ-consciousness. They can benefit anyone who studies and practices these teachings. 

The Key Principles of a Holy Relationship

Course in Miracles

According to the Course, the holy relationship is between two people connected through their shared spiritual purpose. This relationship is based on love, forgiveness, and trust3. The Course teaches that this relationship is the only kind that truly lasts.

A Course of Miracles Summary:

  • Love is the only true reality. Fear is just an illusion.
  • Forgiveness is the key to inner peace.
  • God is all-loving and all-inclusive. There is no such thing as sin or damnation.
  • The ego is the source of all fear and separation. Its downfall is essential to our salvation.
  • Miracles occur when we let go of our egos and align with Spirit. 

The Benefits of Establishing a Holy Relationship

There are many benefits to establishing a holy relationship. These benefits are characterized by love, forgiveness, and compassion. 

  • A holy relationship allows you to experience the true nature of love. While it may be a difficult concept to grasp, it means that you can see beyond the ego’s limitations and perceive the infinite nature of true love. 
  • You become more compassionate and forgiving when you align yourself with Spirit through a holy relationship. Forgiveness becomes natural and easy because you understand that everyone is ultimately doing their best.
  • You begin to see the egos of others – not as something to be attacked or judged, but simply as misguided attempts to find happiness.
  • Establishing a holy relationship with someone provides a powerful mirror – where you can see your own ego more clearly. Often it is only through the eyes of another that we can see our own negative patterns and behaviors. 

A holy relationship can help you break free from these patterns and live more authentically. 

Why I Often Refer to the Course in My Personal & Professional Life

As a Spiritual Mentor, I frequently quote from the Course in my teachings and while coaching clients. A Course in Miracles is a large part of my spiritual practice because of its ability to allow us to develop a strong connection with our innermost truth – that we are all one with God and each other. 

The Course’s teachings help you come into alignment with your true nature as a spiritual being. By aligning yourself with Spirit, you connect with the infinite wisdom and love within you. The Course also teaches you that your thoughts become your reality. Therefore, focusing on positive, loving thoughts is essential to creating a positive reality for yourself and others.

Aligning With Your True Spirit

Course in Miracles

Aligning with Spirit as a practice of the holy relationship is a compelling way to experience life. Intimacy with the Divine and the self is the purpose of our lives on earth. 

With a holy relationship, you can: 

  • Access support that helps you heal
  • Cultivate peace
  • Manifest abundance
  • Find joy by deepening your connection with the Divine within
  • Live from a place of truth and love

Whether through A Course in Miracles or another spiritual practice, aligning with Spirit promotes the expansion of consciousness within so you can discover the miracle of change. 

If you’d like to learn more about finding the part of your mind that connects with The Holy Spirit, you can listen to my free meditation, Getting Answers with The Holy Spirit. 

Free Meditation

Getting Answers with The Holy Spirit

By Laurette DeJulian


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Course In Miracles

Aligning With Spirit: The Holy Relationship in A Course in Miracles Practice

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