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Embracing Gods Unconditional Love in Our Lives: Unveiling Miracles

Embracing God's Unconditional Love

In a universe that frequently appears disarrayed and daunting, it’s too easy to overlook the profound significance behind our existence. We often find ourselves questioning, “Why are we here? What is life’s true meaning?”

But what if the world isn’t as random as it seems? What if every element of our existence results from an intricate divine plan, a testament to God’s work and unconditional love? 

The Unexpected Instagram Message: A Test of Faith

One early morning, while navigating the hustle and bustle of Orange County Airport en route to a Denver training event, I sat beside an airport window. The scent of jet fuel hung heavy in the air. As I sat reviewing my email, sipping my triple latte, the following message popped up on my Instagram-“Hi, Lauri! Long time no talk! So, I need some help. One of my best friends, who recently moved to Florida, is dealing with the worst nightmare of all nightmares. Her little girl, who just turned three, was found in the lake. She’s in a coma and is showing very little progress, her brain activity is low, but she has moments of opening her eyes and wiggling her toes. Any chance you could try to get thru to her?”

I sat there, my mouth agape. What can I do? I boarded the plane and sat, the murmuring of stewardess droning on in the background. The unimaginable has happened, and people are looking for any semblance of hope.

Image of suitcase in an airport

Much of my time lately has been spent discussing death and studying near-death experiences (NDE). Having had discussions with people that have clinically died and come back to life, I had no fear for the child. It was for everyone else I ached.

So much of our death experience is about choice. Esther Hicks, the voice of Abraham, always refers to every death as a suicide. We have purpose, karma, and experiences we gather as our soul careens through eternity.

Sometimes our lives are long and other times, our lives are cut short. But in every instance of life, we have the experiences we are meant to have. There is no loss or absence of mission. 

Image of Quote - A Course in Miracles

A Glimpse into the Beyond: Finding Comfort in Divine Purpose

Engaging with individuals who’ve returned from clinical death provided the comforting insight: that life’s termination is often a matter of choice. The ebb and flow of our mortal existence, long or short, is filled with purpose, karmic lessons, and profound experiences. Every single moment is a crucial part of God’s work.

Lesson 14 from A Course in Miracles echoes this sentiment,

“God did not make a meaningless world.”

Still, what does one say to a mother who desperately yearns for different circumstances?

Two and a half hours later, I received another polite but urgent text. “Any chance you can connect soon?” I knew nothing about the mother, the circumstances, or the eventuality. The only thing I did have was immense compassion.

I reached for my cell phone and dialed the mother’s number. “Hello!” I heard the voice on the other end of the line. “Hi, it’s me, Lauri. I wish we met under different circumstances; how can I help?” I quickly squeezed out. “Please can you give me any information” she directly but calmly said. “I can tell you that your daughter is safe and being loved. She is deciding with God what will happen next.” I heard an enormous sigh of disappointment. I then mentally turned to spirit and asked quietly for something to offer.

Image of 2 hands reaching for one another

The Power of Connection: Turning to Gods Unconditional Love for Strength

Then I bizarrely asked, “Do you know reiki?” “Reiki, no, I don’t.” I then honed into my inner guidance. “Please place your hand on your daughter’s heart. Now connect your heart to hers. Tell her what you are feeling and what you want to say.”

There was a long silence. “I am seeing purple, the mother excitedly shared. “That’s great!” I said. “Now, every time you are anxious, please do this practice. Keep me posted on your experience.” I gently offered.

Striving to offer tangible assistance, I guided her through a heart-connecting practice that led to an unexpected spiritual experience: the mother started perceiving hues of purple, a potential signal of divine connection.

I lay on my hotel bed staring at the ceiling, wondering what the outcome would be. Just then, I heard the ping of a message. “It is like a rope going between us!” she shared. “Incredible!” I said. “Now, invite God’s energy into the connection. Share it from you to your daughter. Now reverse it from your daughter to you and God. Let me know what happens.”

Another day passed. Then my phone light shined and reflected on the ceiling of my hotel room. “These last times, I saw all kinds of colors. No change tonight, but I feel her in there!” I suggested she rest and drink lots of water. “It takes a lot of energy to move energy. Especially under these conditions.” “I will try,” she reluctantly answered. “When you rest, your energy becomes more spacious,” I suggested.

Over the next few days, this practice helped build a spiritual bridge between the mother and her daughter, charged with God’s unconditional love. She reported seeing vibrant colors—a possible indication of their strengthened connection. 

The Miracle Unveiled: God Works in Mysterious Ways

As I waited anxiously in my hotel room, a message finally arrived, announcing the miracle we’d been praying for, “SHE’S AWAKE!” A wave of gratitude towards God swept over me. Since then, mother and daughter have been making remarkable progress, with every update brimming with hope and curious metaphysical inquiries.

This incident served as a potent reminder of the enormous significance woven into every aspect of our lives. The mother discovered her intuitive healing abilities, the daughter went through a transformative spiritual experience, and I had the honor of witnessing the unfathomable power of God’s unconditional love.

Image of binoculars on a rock overlooking a beautiful valley

 Unveiling Miracles: Learning from Everyday Experiences

The journey we embarked on together is not an isolated event. It’s an example of countless daily miracles, each revealing the extent of God’s work. Regardless of how daunting or inexplicable, every situation has an underlying purpose.

These experiences are growth opportunities, pushing us to develop spiritually and connect with others and the divine on a deeper level. They remind us that even during our darkest hours, we’re under the loving watch of a higher power, strengthening our faith and resilience.

Discovering Life’s Purpose through the Embrace of God’s Unconditional Love

Again, I am reminded that God did not make a meaningless world. Every experience is met with a host of purposeful events. Amazingly, the mother has now developed her intuitive and healing gifts. The daughter has had an experience that has impacted her on a deep etheric level, whether she remembers it or not. And I have experienced the significant presence and power of the unseen magnificent grace of God’s unconditional love.

God’s unconditional love surrounds us, bestowing our lives with purpose, even when confusion seems to dominate. A Course in Miracles reaffirms this truth, proclaiming that our world is never meaningless; every action is steeped in purpose and love.

It inspires us to delve into our spiritual reality, uncover inner peace, and seek solace in a power greater than ourselves. Through this understanding, we can learn to live a life characterized by balance, harmony, joy, and compassion. This, in essence, is the manifestation of God’s work, His miracles in our lives, and the embodiment of His unconditional love.

By Laurette DeJulian

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