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How To Live Spiritually in A Crazy World

How To Live Spiritually

As we deepen our spiritual practice, we begin to practice the following:

  1. Releasing the ego’s power over our choice for Peace.
  2. Recognizing we don’t know what anything means.
  3. Viewing all things through the eyes of Love.
  4. Deferring or relinquishing our worries to the Holy Spirit.
  5. Realizing that when we love, we include everything and everyone.
  6. Letting go of our story that was built out of the past.
  7. Making God our primary relationship.
  8. Relinquishing our worship of false idols, anything we put before our relationship with God.
  9. Understanding the power of prayer.
  10. Remembering that we live within the heart of God.

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