Sum Da La - The Gift of Forty Days

The offering that We bring are the messages.
The Communication that We bring does not shelter you from your experiences, but offers understanding.
Once you realize that all is well, you invite that information freely. Here is what We have to say: we offer you the information so that you can give your offering to one another. Each of you has come into existence with an offering. We say offering, not sacrifice. For a sacrifice implies that you have to do without or that you give away something of your own. We say offering because you give away what is yours, and when you give you also receive. Your offering is your gift of light. How do you shine forth for your neighbor? You can almost think of your offering as forming a chain. You give and then connect to the one to whom you give, and they connect on to another. This concept is one that should be called to mind when you feel that perpetuation of a routine existence. To live as you truly wish, you must share the offering.


What People Are Saying

  • I enjoyed “Sum Da La” a lot. It’s a journey within. It’s such a profound, yet easy read. You can stay longer with messages that touch you at a given time or move to the next one. You follow your own rhythm of self-inquiry and awakening of your inner wisdom. There are questions that will make you think and discover the best in you. You will gain hope that you can change because “Sum Da La” provides you with a practical know-how and tools that bring you forth. The wisdom contained in the messages is universal and works on a very practical level as well as on a spiritual level, if you choose so. It is like an island of peace in the hectic of the everyday life – the messages, some poetry, prayers, self-inquiry questions and affirmations address different aspects of you in respect to various aspects of your life. You pick up what you need at a given moment to gain strength and insight. It makes a great gift too – a very inspirational journey not only of 40 days but for the rest of your life because you want to get where “Sum Da La” leads you.”
  • Amazing lessons! I would highly recommend this book to any sincere spiritual seeker. These lessons will guide you to a deeper understanding of your relationship with your higher self.