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Through an initial soul mapping session, I can help you heal your mind and release limited thought patterns. The focus is on helping you recognize the barriers to Love’s presence and open to Inner Wisdom to receive a correction in perception.

Together we will work to find your soul plan, your soul’s purpose, areas in your life where you struggle, and possible avenues for change to best align with your plan, overcome your blocks, and to begin to reclaim your peace.

Additionally, we can select the best healing flower essence protocol for you.

Flower Essences Are Amazing - Book Your Session Now

It’s been six months now and I notice how much more peaceful and tuned in to myself I am. It has also helped me “be” with what is without needing to understand or judge, which has reduced so much of my stress. I wish everyone was benefiting from these essences and their amazing healing powers. Thanks for them, my dear friend! –Amina
Lauri do you know that I find myself recommending flower essences to everyone?! They probably think I’m a little obsessed but seriously so amazingly powerful. Has helped me in so many ways. I feel calmer, clearer and more like myself! Thank you! –Candice

Flower essences work on the understanding that emotions and thoughts have energy, and these energies impact our physical body. Our story becomes our biology, and a custom flower essence blend encourages the release of any conflicting or unhelpful emotions while simultaneously raising our positive and helpful attributes.

Lauri, the owner of OC Flower Essences, will conduct private consultations via Zoom or phone, during which she will personally begin the process of hand-selecting a blend of 1-7 flower essences just for you.

Along with each bottle, you will also receive an information sheet about each flower in the mixture and the healing qualities associated with each plant.

Flower essences work successfully with children, adults, and pets.
With no risk to health, the following list is just some that can hand-crafted for a plethora of conditions such as...

A natural healing method for mind, body, and soul Flower Essance Therapy uses the principles of energy medicine and activates the body’s healing energy. Experience 100% safe, all natural healing.


These mixtures are very mild and are safe for adults, children and even pets. A simple way to bring balance to a whole person to help your body use its own abilities to fight illness.

They provide individual healing

Custom mixed based on the needs of each individual using a variety of stock flower essences from flower growers around the world. 


Everyone is different. All of us have our unique challenges, individual experiences, and particular energy patterns. We have our lives, our spiritual journeys and our healing stories that define us. Therefore, it is difficult to use a “one-size fits all” approach to our healing needs.

Please understand that while Flower Essences can assist you greatly in the healthy expression of your emotions they are not a replacement for Western Medicine and its expertise, and it will never be used in a diagnostic manner. Laurette DeJulian reserves the right at any time to request a client to receive, with written proof, the attention of a physician or other western medical professional before continuing sessions .

Thank you so much for my flower essences! My life has changed exponentially since beginning the flower essences. Things appear much clearer than they used to, my perspective has become more positively oriented, and my relationships have improved. And all in just a few short months! Amazing!


I can’t believe the shifts I’ve experienced on the flower essence! I have more peace, clarity and a sense of resolve like I’ve never had before. So many positive changes have occurred since I’ve been taking them. They’ve become and integral part of how I’m taking care of me. Thank you for sharing your gift!