Book Your 10-minute Discovery Call with Laurette and Reclaim your Peace Today.

Book Your 10-minute Discovery Call with Laurette and Reclaim your Peace Today.

An Interview With Jon Mundy, Author of Living A Course In Miracles

An Interview-Jon Mundy

I had the privilege to interview Jon Mundy. As many of you know, Jon is a renowned author, lecturer, and teacher of A Course in Miracles. In this interview, he will be sharing his personal journey, how he was introduced to the course, his relationship with Ken Wapnik and Helen Schuchman, and his powerful insights […]

How Spirituality Can Help You Overcome Uncertainty & Embrace Difficulty

Use Spirituality To Face Uncertainty – by Laurette DeJulian

Gain a Sense of Direction Like Never Before by Connecting With Your Inner Self.  As you go through life, you may learn how to handle the ups and downs a bit better as time goes on. But in recent years, humanity has experienced a magnitude of global turmoil. As a result of the world’s health […]

The Importance Of Having A Positive Outlook On Life

The Importance Of Having A Positive Outlook On Life

Having a positive outlook on life is essential for our physical and spiritual wellbeing. Not only does it lower our chances of developing depression and other mental health issues, but it also brings benefits to our physical forms, including reducing the risk of heart disease-related deaths. ¹ Your outlook on life has a huge impact […]

Life After Death – When The Body And Soul Separates

life after death

There is no death. The Son of God is free. – Lesson 163.  Have you ever wondered about life after death? This often comes to mind more often as we age. Yet the answer never seems to be any clearer. When we pass over, the body and soul separates, but does this symbolize a rebirth? […]

Benefits of Emotional Release: Start Your Journey With 5 Element Applied Kinesiology

The benefits of emotional release

Release Trapped Emotions Stored in Your Body With This Trauma-Informed Healing Technique Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by your emotions? When you experience things like relationship issues or unexpected hardships, do they knock the wind out of your sail? Do you often find yourself feeling:  Do you wish there was something natural you could […]

Crush the Stigma of Addiction

The Stigma of Addiction

Because It’s a Normal Part of Life Learn How Addiction Is a Common Human Condition. But Connecting to Your Spirituality Can Help With Addiction Recovery. Addiction comes with a negative undertone that often carries stigmatization and judgment. Stigma is a negative social label that can lead to harmful discrimination. The stigma of addiction can cause: […]

Journeying Through the 4 Stages of Spiritual Healing: A Guide to Finding Inner Peace

4 rocks balanced on each other representing the 4 stages of spiritual healing

What is Spiritual Healing? Every one of us navigates the journey of spiritual healing. Whether seeking inner peace, emotional balance, or a deeper connection with the universe, spiritual healing is essential to your path. It involves unlocking and releasing negative energy patterns that hold you back from living a fulfilling life. In this blog, we […]

A Course in Miracles Summary

A course in miracles summary

Discovery A Course In Miracles In 3 Easy Principles Have you ever felt like there must be more to life than what meets the eye? Do you find yourself seeking answers to life’s biggest questions, unsure where to turn? If so, then A Course in Miracles may be the answer you’re looking for. This transformative program […]

When We Judge-We Cannot Receive Abundance

When We Judge-We Cannot Receive Abundance

We Think Being Vulnerable Is Weakness The choice to love is the most important choice of our lives. Love is the only reason we have incarnated. However, none of us know what “to love” actually means. We spend countless hours “protecting” ourselves, feeling we find strength in our defense. We have erroneously assumed that when […]

The Truth About Boundary Setting

Setting healthy boundaries

Setting Boundaries For Our Happiness As we talk about anger, it is crucial to determine what is eternal or real and what remains impermanent. If we want to remain hopeful, we must be willing to analyze how our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes continue to contribute to our suffering. As we have learned, the past has […]

Breaking Up With My Girlfriend

Little Girl Playing With Garden Water Sprinkler

My phone rang at 5:15 pm. “Lauri?!” the voice said coupled with panicked and heavy breathing. “Lauri, it’s your mother,” as though I didn’t recognize her. “Yes, mom, I know,” I reassuringly responded. Little else was said. Punctuated by my mother’s struggle to breathe and her confusion, we engaged briefly. At the end of our brief […]

Help! I Am Failing At Spirituality!

Hand holding a bundle of burning White Sage

This is a recent discussion with Laurette DeJulian and a seeker that was frustrated with their inability to forgive others I am so honored that you have chosen to speak to me about your spiritual journey.  I look forward to learning from what you have to share! My only concern is – does this method […]

What Can I GET From This Relationship?

Finding Inner Peace

We Love People For What They Can Give Us As time goes on, clarity is gained.  We begin to realize that we are the source of all of our suffering. When we suffer, we cannot accept the way things are.  We cannot find acceptance because we have forgotten our ability to create. We agonize in […]

The Power of Prayer & Meditation

Hand Gestures Of Prayer

Laurette DeJulian welcomes students to The Power of Prayer & Meditation, a journey into contemplative prayer. She discusses the history of A Course in Miracles and The Song of Prayer. This course is an introduction to contemplative prayer and meditation practice. Laurette gives a brief history of A Course in Miracles and the origins of […]

Spiritual Surrender: Learning The Art of Letting Go

wooden block figures, one holding green smiley face symbol among of crowd of sad faces.

How Can We be “Spiritual” and Live Our Everyday Lives? Living in the world while waking up – What does that mean? For many of us, it means Spiritual Surrender or surrendering to a current situation. How can we be in a world that responds, reacts, and listens to a message that is not loving […]

Forgetting the Past Reveals Present Love

Stop Looking At Your Past Quote

Who creates the suffering in our lives? When we choose to walk in pain, we know discouragement and suffering will follow. There are no short cuts to circumvent our pain; we must look it in the eye and ask, “what is this pain good for?”As simple as that may seem, very few of us will […]

Healing Crisis: What Are They Good For?

bright colored artwork showing a body with colored chakras sitting cross legged

Healing Crisis: What Are They Good For? Ah yes, the healing crisis. I am going to preface this piece with the following. This discussion of healing will fascinate some, outrage others and totally confuse the rest. A big component of spiritual healing involves physical healing. They are inseparable. Chances are if we are physically ill, […]

5 Ways To Surrender

by Laurette DeJulian

Discover the most effective practices you can start putting into place in your life to experience the transformational surrender that brings healing.