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How Spirituality Can Help You Overcome Uncertainty & Embrace Difficulty

Use Spirituality To Face Uncertainty – by Laurette DeJulian

Gain a Sense of Direction Like Never Before by Connecting With Your Inner Self. 

As you go through life, you may learn how to handle the ups and downs a bit better as time goes on. But in recent years, humanity has experienced a magnitude of global turmoil. As a result of the world’s health and economic crises, many of us have experienced an emotional crisis as well. 

When you face a world where uncertainty is the new normal, finding inner peace and guidance can feel impossible. 

But what if I told you that your spiritual practice could be the key to navigating through uncertainty? As global chaos increases, fear (along with unhealthy coping mechanisms) can take center stage. When your reality feels uncertain – or even apocalyptic – tuning into your spiritual side is a powerful skill you can lean on for life. 

Uncertainty Defined

Uncertainty is a state of feeling overwhelmed by life’s unknowns. Doubt, confusion, and anxiety fill your mind about what the future holds. This can cause you to fear the worst and worry about what’s going to happen to you. Uncertainty can also make you feel powerless over your current situation and future. 

It’s essential to remember that uncertainty is a natural part of life. It’s impossible to know everything. Trying to know everything can lead to more anxiety and cause negative thinking

This can cause you to catastrophize. Accepting that uncertainty is a normal part of existence can help you let go of your need for control. This acceptance can allow you to flow better with life’s ebb and tide.

If you find yourself swimming in a sea of anxiety-induced uncertainty, try focusing on what’s in your control instead. To start, you can shift your focus to your: 

  • Opinions
  • Values
  • Desires
  • And to your sense of self 

Try to ignore the rest. Remember, suffering and struggle end when you’re capable of meeting difficult situations and not resorting to reacting.1

How Spirituality Can Help You Overcome Uncertainty About the Future

Spirituality can provide a sense of grounding during uncertain times. You can find stability amidst the chaos of uncertainty when you connect with something larger than yourself. Whether it’s through:

  • Nature
  • A religious tradition
  • Or your own innermost Being 

This connection can give you the strength to face whatever challenges come your way. This is because this connection can provide intuitive guidance and insight when you need it most. 

Love As The Foundation

Spirituality is ultimately about love. No matter what happens in life, remember that you are loved unconditionally by the Divine. This love is always available to you, even in the darkest of times. 

Returning to this truth can help you to find your way back to peace and hope, no matter what life throws your way. Disruptions always show up on your path. This is part of the human experience. The key is to find the lessons and hidden truths within these challenges.

4 Powerful Benefits of Connecting With Your Inner Self


Here are four benefits of connecting with your inner self and strengthening your spirituality: 

1. Increased Self-Awareness. Connecting with your inner self can help you understand your:

  • Motivations
  • Values
  • And beliefs

This awareness can help you make better decisions and become more mindful of what’s essential in life.

2. Improved Mental Health. Connecting with your inner self can help reduce the stress and anxiety of uncertainty by creating a sense of peace and contentment. It can also help improve your mood and overall resilience, leading to increased emotional stability. When paired with intention, challenging events can serve as a catalyst for your personal transformation2.

3. Enhanced Creativity. When you connect with your inner self, you open up to your creative potential. This helps to shift your thinking from your challenges to one of possibility and imagination.

4. Deeper Spiritual Connection. Your inner self is connected to something much more significant than you as an individual. You may call this higher power “God” or “the Universe.” Connecting with this Source can be a powerful experience that brings you closer to understanding who you are. 

Your Inner Guidance Can Help Dissolve Uncertainty

If you could access a telephone hotline for answers, would you listen to the advice you receive? What if the hotline’s advice were things you would never anticipate? What if the responses didn’t fit the paradigm you’ve already created in your mind? 

Years ago, you probably used a paper map when traveling. Now, most of us use some sort of GPS system. We often say, “I don’t need directions; I’ll just use the navigation on my phone.” Our anxiety subsides thanks to the guidance we have in the palm of our hands.

Similarly, to overcome uncertainty, you must first develop the ability to access your inner GPS – your God Positioning System. Accessing wisdom from the Divine starts with being patient and consistent with your spiritual practice. 

Going within and connecting with your inner self can be challenging initially. But stick with it, and you’ll see the benefits in no time!

Meditation as a Part of Your Spiritual Practice


There are many ways to approach meditation, which can help tremendously while dealing with uncertainty. To begin, you can: 

  • Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down
  • Close your eyes
  • And focus on your breath 

As you inhale and exhale, let go of any thoughts or worries on your mind. Gently bring your attention back to your breath if you notice your mind start to wander. You can also repeat a mantra or affirmation during your meditation.

Guided Visualizations

Another popular meditation technique is guided visualization. This involves picturing a peaceful scene in your mind, such as a pristine tropical beach or an enchanted forest. You may also visualize yourself surrounded by white light or healing energy. 

Once you’ve created this image, focus on it and breathe deeply. Let go of any other thoughts that come and relax into the visualization.

Strategies for Overcoming Uncertainty

By exploring different spiritual practices, you can begin to connect with the part of yourself that is beyond this physical world. When this happens, you can unlock the wisdom that helps your uncertainty.

Journaling, and Talking To a Spiritual Counselor

In addition to meditation, journaling can be a powerful tool while struggling with uncertainty. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you to understand them better. It can also be a way to release any pent-up emotions that may be blocking your connection to your inner self. 

Additionally, speaking with someone like a spiritual counselor can help you connect with your inner self. This can fast-track your spiritual development which can be crucial to navigating through life’s unknowns. 

If you’d like to explore personalized support while dealing with uncertainty, you can schedule a free 10-minute Discovery Call with me. As a certified Spiritual Life Coach, I can help you face uncertainty during challenging times so you can reclaim your power and improve the quality of your life.  

By Laurette DeJulian

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Use Spirituality To Face Uncertainty – by Laurette DeJulian

How Spirituality Can Help You Overcome Uncertainty & Embrace Difficulty

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