Modern Day Spiritual Facilitator

I am a regular everyday person. I am married, I have a dog, I love potato chips, and I like doodling. I am just like you. However, instead of defaulting to my five senses, I choose to rely on my sixth sense first. I teach others to do the same. Just as with any other talent, spiritual, intuitive or “psychic” abilities, whatever you choose to call them, are uniquely developed with each individual. We just need to take the time to discover them. We don’t need to be unique, gifted or professional psychics for Heaven to reveal to us: we need only to open our hearts and minds to the inspiration and wisdom that lie just beyond our five senses. My work consists of channels, both written and spoken, to help others find their intuitive gifts through deep listening. I use guided meditation, experiential exercises, self-reflective techniques and flower essences to open your soul and embark on a lifetime journey of spiritual discovery.

Laurette DeJulian

Meet Laurette DeJulian

About Laurette DeJulian

Laurette’s own spiritual awakening propelled her to share what is possible, when one truly commits to transformation. True transformation requires a deep understanding of our mind.

Hidden deep within our mind-made stories lies, in waiting, the truth of who we are. Every one of us is a vessel through which The Source of All That Is (God/Spirit/Universe/Energy) expresses itself on Earth.  Awakening our magnificence is the result of remembering this truth.

​Laurette is an ordained minister, author, certified clinical hypnotherapist, ministerial counselor,  flower essence practitioner, workshop facilitator, speaker and medical intuitive. Her simple techniques and practical tools have helped to transform the lives. Laurette considers sharing her work the ultimate privilege.

What People are Saying

  • Terri
    “I can't believe the shifts I've experienced on the flower essence! I have more peace, clarity and a sense of resolve like I've never had before. So many positive changes have occurred since I've been taking them. They've become an integral part of how I'm taking care of me. Thank you for sharing your gift!!!”
  • Candice
    “Lauri do you know that I find myself recommending flower essences to everyone?! They probably think I'm a little obsessed but seriously so amazingly powerful. Has helped me in so many ways. I feel calmer, clearer and more like myself! Thank you!!!”
  • Nick
    “Thank you so much for my flower essences! My life has changed exponentially since beginning the flower essences. Things appear much clearer than they used to, my perspective has become more positively oriented, and my relationships have improved. And all in just a few short months! Amazing!”
  • Amina
    It's been six months now and I notice how much more peaceful and tuned in to myself I am. It has also helped me "be" with what is without needing to understand or judge, which has reduced so much of my stress. I wish everyone was benefitting from these essences and their amazing healing powers. Thanks for them, my dear friend!!”