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Open your soul and embark on a lifetime journey of spiritual discovery.

Let Laurette guide you to a transformed life.

We don’t need to be unique, gifted or professional psychics for Heaven to reveal to us:

we need only to open our hearts and minds to the inspiration and wisdom that lie just beyond our five senses.

Laurette’s simple techniques and practical tools have helped to transform the lives. She considers sharing her work the ultimate privilege.


The Self Compassion Project


Blessed To Have You Here

Meet Laurette

Laurette is an ordained minister, author, certified clinical hypnotherapist, ministerial counselor, flower essence practitioner, workshop facilitator, speaker and medical intuitive.

Her own spiritual awakening propelled her to share what is possible, when one truly commits to transformation. True transformation requires a deep understanding of our mind.

Hidden deep within our mind-made stories lies, in waiting, the truth of who we are. Every one of us is a vessel through which The Source of All That Is (God/Spirit/Universe/Energy) expresses itself on Earth. Awakening our magnificence is the result of remembering this truth.

Work With Me

Laurette DeJulian offers a unique introduction specifically to listening to the internal guide.

Messages in poetry, prayer, questions, and meditations so that you can give your offering to others.

Laurie offers virtual and in office one on one consulting. Her processes and guided meditations will help you heal your mind.

Client Testimonials

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Whether you are wanting better self-esteem, desire more intimate relationships, or unshakable peace in your life, this podcast is for you.


Laurette helps you lead a meaningful life with regular meditations. Each meditation is downloadable and free for the 48 hours after its release.


Learn How To De-stress in 15 Minutes

Let go and unleash your unlimited potential. This meditative process can help put you on the path to more peace.

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Flower essences are a natural healing method for mind, body, and soul. This healing method uses the principles of energy medicine. Turn on the body’s healing energy with flower essences. Experience 100% safe, all natural healing.

Our story becomes our biology, and a custom flower essence blend encourages the release of any conflicting or unhelpful emotions, while simultaneously raising our positive and helpful attributes.